Security Engineering Forum
What is the Security Engineering Forum?

Based on the results of several EU-funded projects (SERENITY, TERESA and SecFutur) the need to establish security as a full-fledged engineering discipline has been identified as a priority by some of the project participants. This observation was confirmed when the SERENITY Day held on June 17th, 2009, in Brussels, Belgium, attracted more than 100 participants from academia, industry and government. One of the immediate actions decided in that meeting was the preparation of a “Security Engineering Manifesto”. Now, this initiative is receiving a new impulse with the direct support of the SecFutur and Teresa projects, and the collaboration with relevant initiatives worldwide. The Security Engineering Forum is the materialization of the initiative and aims to become the meeting point for everyone interested in security engineering as a real engineering discipline, and has therefore a focus on creating secure systems based on systematic, precise, rigorous, and repeatable processes and methodologies. The approach is based on the integration, streamlining, interoperation and cataloging of the existing methods, techniques and tools that are available. The Security Engineering Forum aims at: - building a "Security Engineering Community" and supporting it through the organization of activities, workgroups, fora, etc. - supporting security experts, security engineers, application developers and system administrators in their daily tasks by providing information, integrative methods, open source tools, etc. If you share our goals and want to contribute please consider joining us!